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When a flight delay and/or Flight cancelled.

It can be extremely frustrating and inconvenient. In order to compensate passengers for these inconveniences, airlines typically offer various forms of compensation. This may include a refund of the original ticket, a travel voucher for future flights, or a travel credit. Additionally, they may also offer a meal voucher, hotel stay, or other forms of compensation. It is important to check the airline’s policies in order to determine what type of compensation is available. By doing so, passengers can make sure they receive the appropriate compensation for their inconvenience.

Passengers should also be aware that the amount of compensation offered by an airline may vary depending on the length of the delay or cancellation. Furthermore, some airlines may provide additional compensation for passengers who are delayed or cancelled due to circumstances beyond their control, such as weather-related issues. It is important to contact the airline directly to ensure that passengers receive the appropriate compensation for their inconvenience.